Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Scents of the Season

If you are like me, you love to surround yourself with scents of Winter. It helps to conjure up images of childhood Yuletide joy  and the excitement of the season! I have learned through experience that certain scents seem to be "out of place" during particular times of the year. We do not think of  coconut scents as much in the fall and winter as we do in the warmer spring and summer. So keep in mind what you would consider a warm scent...dragons blood, cinnamon, apple, fir, pumpkin, mint and even vanilla.
My typical rule of thumb is "less is best". You can mix or layer scents but don't go overboard. It can be distressing to your family and friends as well as those fur babies! We have so many herbs, roots, flowers and fruits to choose from for magickal properties so play around a bit to find that perfect mix for your home, ritual or work.

Don't forget the magickal properties of what you use!! Some good herbs to use during Yule are:

allspice ( a mix of jamaica pepper & pimento )-  determination, healing & spell power

apple- (a natural pentagram when cut in the center) fertility, fae magick, relieves depression, health, longevity, wisdom, happiness & divination

bay- purification, renewal, strength, wishes & wisdom

bayberry- luck, peaceful home & prosperity

cedar- healing, protection, gain, prosperity, success & wealth

cinnamon- happiness, luck, healing, moving things forward & spirituality

cloves- courage, house blessing, peace, prosperity, protection & luck

dragons blood- power, protection, verility & strength

frankincense- dream work, inspiration, consecration, spirituality, protection, wisdom, success & grounding

holly- baby blessing, circle casting, freezing situations, protection & purification

mint- healing, luck, protection, prosperity & travel

mistletoe- ***Poisonous*** (Do not let it touch the ground when harvesting) protection, wisdom, renewal, fertility & health

myrrh: happiness, healing, health, spell power & protection

nutmeg- prosperity, love, banishing negative energy & divination

oak- power, protection, wealth (acorns), balance, virility, potency & fertility

orange- immortality, happiness, love, peace, purification & success

pine- divination, happiness, healing, strength & prosperity

sandalwood- heightens spiritual vibrations, protection, clairvoyance & heals

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